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what am I

Seriously! last post was published on the 22nd of May 2014 !!! … Who am I, What am I, and what i’m up to after all this time .?.

All I know is that I need to get back on track again, and start having black tea more often, and creating a new world of mine once again… All I know I’m not that exact person who wrote the last post on 22 May… some of me got broken and some other has got built up and has become stronger.  I’m a combination of a full awareness of how cruel the surrounding can be and a fear of uncertainties.

but life is just like that anyway, it is not a chain made of steel to drive me all the way to the rainbow (refers to the video below),it is indeed a box of chocolate, you just don’t know if what you are gonna pick is Dark Chocolate (good) or another hazelnut stuffed piece (bad).

Regardless of the chocolate box I’ve got here, I’m certain of one thing, “One Day, I shall become what I want” (Mahmoud Drweish) and this is all what matters …






My blackboard

You can call me M since my real name starts actually with this letter …
I’ll try to share all what I’m thinking of and my interests in this blog, hoping that my friends won’t find it, donn get me wrong, this board is just gonna be one of the things I donn share with them.

My relationships with people is a lil bit complicated… Although I have lots of friends who really care about me, I always ask for a space, I prefer eating alone for example, doing shopping alone and many other things …
I simply can’t trust anybody … I do trust my friends but I donn have high expectations, which makes me sometimes so cold > for example, I won’t cry or give a damn if a friend disappoints me .. And I won’t give a shit for someone who maybe is crying for me now, I just donn care, and u might call it emotionlessness, but I just can’t control it!

Keep in mind: you will find everything on this blackboard, and about everything… About me, fashion, movies, friends, university and many other thing …

Hope u enjoy my random thoughts on my blackboard …

M ❤