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Fancy Box Subscription

so I finally got to subscribe to the Fancy box and I just got it yesterday within only 5 days shipment (based on the massage I got informing me that the box got shipped), so I consider it a pretty fast shipping, especially that it is an international one. 

Fancy Box

as you can see, International shipping doesn’t usually treat the shipped packages so good, which can be really problematic sometimes, depending on the nature of the items inside them!

anyway, the Theme of this month, April, and quoting from the little card included in the package: “This Month, we created a Fancy Box full of one-of-a-kind items with a rustic feel. Whether you spend all your time outside or none whatsoever, we hope you enjoy the outdoorsy aesthetic!” – Fancy 

pretty interesting, and I like the rustic feeling, and that was actually what I thought of when I saw the items:: earth and maybe sustainability:

Rustic Feeling


before I start showing the items and reviewing them… I thought I would get only four items in the box like most of the other boxes that were sent in previous months, but I ended up with five, which I’m really glad for, especially that the shipping rate to the part of the world I’m living in is kinda high “” compared to the local one”” 


Note: you can click on the pictures of the items so you can directly go to their links on 


Message in a Bottle USB Drive: $28

I’m not sure of how I feel about this USB, it is cute, but it gives the impression that it is meant for gifting, rather to be kept with the purchaser, unless you are thinking of saving some personal, top secret kinda files on it. However, I know I’m not gonna use this USB,but I don’t wanna give it away either !!! 

IZOLA toothbrush

Guest toothbrushes by Izola: $15

Unfortunately, I don’t get to have many guests who would spend the night over like I used to do before moving to the new place I’m living in right now, and to be honest I also don’t feel like giving this item away, I adore its design and the quality, so I think I will use it myself, ignoring the Guests label on them!!! XD 


Fold Over Triangles Post Earing by Amano Trading: $22

Although I don’t wear earnings that much but these are definitely cool and pretty, I’m actually wearing them right now!, check the brand’s other stuff, pretty interesting,, and I’m considering ordering some stuff in the future.



Chalkboard Decals by Wallies: $10

9″ x 12″ two black sheets with 2 chalk included, I know I’m not gonna use this so I would probably give it away.



Kinfolk; Issue 11: $18 

I never came across this magazine before yesterday, and I’m already in Love. When I first took it out of the box I wasn’t so excited about it and thought of it as another kinda coffee table book, but I changed my mind once I started reading the first article. It talks about everything that has to do with Home, based on different people’s definitions of the word itself, home. It gives you different tips on what to do and how to do and such … I’m just in Love … and I consider this as the best item I got in the box ❤



Expectations: I would hate the box and get so disappointed 

Reality: I actually like it, maybe not at the first sight, but I like it now

The thing is that every item is indeed interesting and Fancy, but the question that kept coming to my mind is am I gonna buy them if I got the chance to… most probably not,,, maybe yes in the case of the earnings and definitely the Kinfolk magazine. But in general no! mybe because usually the cool stuff were not made to be used but only to be looked at I guess!!! 

However, I liked the way that fancy tried to pick the items based on rusticity, stay fancy and not exceed the expected total price, as it is around $93. 


Make it Rain

Hey people, How have you been =)

the summer has started a week ago, nothing that interesting did really happen, and i almost lost the count of the days, like any other past summers … i was supposed to start working on some art, for future contests, as it is the only time in the year i actually get some time to work on such thing. however, i didn’t start yet!

anyway … I finally got a chic swiss knife .. it’s not that big but I’m in love with it, it has almost everything i need except  the nailfile .. yeah i know, i’m just 22 year old uni girl, who doesn’t go through that much of action and risk in her life. Still, you never know =| … everyone needs such a thing, to cut orange for example !!!      =b … well yeah that’s the best excuse i could get so far -,- !!!

what to do also in the summer, I’m trying now to learn french, i so wanna learn this language for several reasons including that i’m in international studies student and i’m expected to know more than a language !, i’ve been trying to register in one of the institution that it teaches french, but my busy “late” schedule was the reason for not registering =\, so i’m learning it by myself now, using online videos and such things !!!

I’ve got so far 9 books to read during these coming 2 months and half, as i think … i tried to get different kinds of novels with different experiences and places, so i got two talking about Pakistan, 1 between Britain and germany, india, finland, lebanon, America and uk ! hope it’s gonna be interesting experience, can’t wait to finish with Shantaram “India” and start new one, although this one is taking forever, as i’m having some boring chapters or pages that make me stop from now and then!!!

anyway, wish you a good summer, at least better than mine … and have some Tom Waits ❤



So much to tell…

Been really long time since the last time I checked my blog or posted anything!

I miss everything, writing, reading others’ posts, commenting and I even miss my layout ^^ !!!, I have been busy since the school s started, taking 5 courses of my major and one course from ART collage, it’s basically about design using different programmes such as illustrator and photoshop, it requires lots of work and time, and I had lots of downs moments, still I’m really enjoying it, I actually chose it cause it has nothing to do with reading or writing which my major is all about, so it’s like breaking the routine !!!



“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”
– Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh
(Author: A.A. Milne)