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my eyes on you …

hey guys, how you doin’ .?.

I was checking some of the fashion blogs and what is trending, I liked some random bags, styles and shoes … so here you are some of what I liked, noticing that I love formal style!

hope you like it =)



For you …

hey people, MERRY Xmas … 

hope you are having a great time =) 

… well I donn really know why did this exactly came to my mind, the idea is just about the old fashioned manners that I have to make sure that i’m doing and behaving based on with people.. they simply make people respect you more, avoid problems and give a good impression.

1: starting with the basics, it would be nice to say please and thank you >> unfortunately,  lots of people forgot those two words!

2:  Never intentionally embarrassing another, respect the other side so they respect you.

3: avoid asking personal questions.

4: not pointing at someone. 

5: dress appropriately and don’t speak loudly.

6: if it was the first meeting, don’t forget the smile, answer the question with positivity, and respect the boundries.>> be professional.  

7: when it comes to food, keep your mouth closed when chewing, take small bites and eat quietly >> especially if it was a date =| 

8: Laugh,smile, giggle,cry with dignity. Do not make a drama. 

9: Do not be occupied with your phone when with people. Smile and be interested in the surroundings.

10: Never assume anything about anyone.

11: Never touch another person’s things or children unless invited to!

12: finally, to be in the safe side, never talk about money> how much does it cost?, How much do u earn?

basically, just be classy 😉 

… merry Christmas again, dance, drick, do crazy things but make sure you don’t end up in some kinda cells =| 


Afraid of dreaming

Yeah, I’m afraid of dreaming and seeing all my dreams for some reasons been destroyed !!

I can’t see myself doing anything here, I got to get out of here I don’t how but this is what I have to do. There is no future for me and my dreams here in this place and with these people who can’t understand how bad I want to do what I wan!!!

I really hate this place, I really do …

I’m so deeply in love with the jacket that Lupe Velez is wearing in the picture below, although it is not simple AT ALL “my style”, I’m just lovein’ it, it’s so classy and “spanish”! … I have no clue where I can find one looks like it, I think I gotta go to spain and get one, seriously I’m so jealous, I really wanna one RIGHT NOW!

Water, Water, Water … and More Water

well, I’m trying now to be healthier and start drinking water!

Yes, I hate water and I donn drink it, I donn like its taste!, but I know that my skin is suffering and has got to the highest point of misery, it’s dry and has lots of acne and their marks IT NEEDS A WATER!

now I’m drinking water, I read couple days ago that drinking 6 or 8 cups a day has no scientific biases, so I started to google and google to know what is the min amount of water that the body needs everyday and i found that it needs around 2.5 L, yes 2.5″!!!!!!!”, it’s like a torture, i rather stuck with 6 cups than drinking 2.5l a day it’s like more than 8 small bottle of water, IT’S TOO MUCH =(. however, I get that feeling that I should do that whenever I think of or look at my poor skin … I donn think it deserves that ='(

wish me luck, whoever u r … and thank you



My blackboard

You can call me M since my real name starts actually with this letter …
I’ll try to share all what I’m thinking of and my interests in this blog, hoping that my friends won’t find it, donn get me wrong, this board is just gonna be one of the things I donn share with them.

My relationships with people is a lil bit complicated… Although I have lots of friends who really care about me, I always ask for a space, I prefer eating alone for example, doing shopping alone and many other things …
I simply can’t trust anybody … I do trust my friends but I donn have high expectations, which makes me sometimes so cold > for example, I won’t cry or give a damn if a friend disappoints me .. And I won’t give a shit for someone who maybe is crying for me now, I just donn care, and u might call it emotionlessness, but I just can’t control it!

Keep in mind: you will find everything on this blackboard, and about everything… About me, fashion, movies, friends, university and many other thing …

Hope u enjoy my random thoughts on my blackboard …

M ❤