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what am I

Seriously! last post was published on the 22nd of May 2014 !!! … Who am I, What am I, and what i’m up to after all this time .?.

All I know is that I need to get back on track again, and start having black tea more often, and creating a new world of mine once again… All I know I’m not that exact person who wrote the last post on 22 May… some of me got broken and some other has got built up and has become stronger.  I’m a combination of a full awareness of how cruel the surrounding can be and a fear of uncertainties.

but life is just like that anyway, it is not a chain made of steel to drive me all the way to the rainbow (refers to the video below),it is indeed a box of chocolate, you just don’t know if what you are gonna pick is Dark Chocolate (good) or another hazelnut stuffed piece (bad).

Regardless of the chocolate box I’ve got here, I’m certain of one thing, “One Day, I shall become what I want” (Mahmoud Drweish) and this is all what matters …






Make it Rain

Hey people, How have you been =)

the summer has started a week ago, nothing that interesting did really happen, and i almost lost the count of the days, like any other past summers … i was supposed to start working on some art, for future contests, as it is the only time in the year i actually get some time to work on such thing. however, i didn’t start yet!

anyway … I finally got a chic swiss knife .. it’s not that big but I’m in love with it, it has almost everything i need except  the nailfile .. yeah i know, i’m just 22 year old uni girl, who doesn’t go through that much of action and risk in her life. Still, you never know =| … everyone needs such a thing, to cut orange for example !!!      =b … well yeah that’s the best excuse i could get so far -,- !!!

what to do also in the summer, I’m trying now to learn french, i so wanna learn this language for several reasons including that i’m in international studies student and i’m expected to know more than a language !, i’ve been trying to register in one of the institution that it teaches french, but my busy “late” schedule was the reason for not registering =\, so i’m learning it by myself now, using online videos and such things !!!

I’ve got so far 9 books to read during these coming 2 months and half, as i think … i tried to get different kinds of novels with different experiences and places, so i got two talking about Pakistan, 1 between Britain and germany, india, finland, lebanon, America and uk ! hope it’s gonna be interesting experience, can’t wait to finish with Shantaram “India” and start new one, although this one is taking forever, as i’m having some boring chapters or pages that make me stop from now and then!!!

anyway, wish you a good summer, at least better than mine … and have some Tom Waits ❤



how funny !!!

okay this is the only place i can talk about this thing on I guess … MAN what’s wrong with them … life is really funny, like literally funny, i’m trying to push them away and get rid of them to get another men from god knows where to bug me and bug my boarders!!!


I’m certain that i don’t, I’m feeling satisfied ALONE … I’m in a stage where I donn wanna see a face of a man, i’m an independent woman who doesn’t want your company, help, sugar words or stupid love!

believe me it’s not a reaction of any past experience, I just donn wanna anyone .. some stupid girl friends are more than enough, you might find this so emotionless or denial, but this is how i really feel.

Just leave me alone …

Would You Get a Life, Please .?.

Big Mouths/gossips/talking about everything really irritate me.

it’s one of the reasons i can’t trust people, not even my friends, THEY TALK TOO MUCH between them. they think it’s something okay…why not I’m just telling my friend what I and my friends did last night with all the details. can’t you get it, IT’S NOT COOL!!! it just shows how silly you are, have nothing to talk about but people and your friends and what they are doing! and believe me no one of those who you talk to can trust you unless they are silly, just like you !

I admit it, i lost my respect and trust for most of my friends, the sad thing 2 of them are my apartment mates! I really hate myself when i start talking about my friends and what they are up to “good or bad” I just can’t feel comfortable doing that, I always feel like I’m boring and have nothing to talk about, and i believe that this is the reason why my friends do that, and I really feel sorry for them and for myself for not having a better friends!!! …. won’t deny they are really smart and totally amazing with many things, but this aspect really irritates me, this one side of you does really affect your whole image.

I hope that you “whoever you are” not one of these people, if you are please try to change that side, to gain more respect and trust, and to feel more satisfied and happy with yourself =)