Name: M.

birth Date: Aries5-1990.

Nationality: UAE, was born in Ras Al khaima and live in Dubai.

First Language: Arabic … and believe me it’s a lovely language that is rich and full of Love and Passion

Interests: CULTURE AND SOCIETIES, psychology and analyzing personalities, reading novels, listening to music, traveling, learning new languages French and Spanish, MUSIC BOXes,  medicine & doctors, health sciences & nutrition, ART, twitting and FBing.

Food: SEAFOOD < grilled, Chinese food, italian pizza, vegetable soap “home made”.

Drinks: MILK, BLACK and green tea. >> NO SOFT DRINKS, big NO!

Me, Myself & I: 

– I don’t cry, I really try hard to cry cause I know it’s unhealthy but I just can’t !!!!

– I can’t express myself with words >>> not good linguistic skills !!!, however, I can make really good public speaking!

– I have million characters, you see me laughing while I’m crying hard inside, cool but at the same time serious, nerd and carless … etc.

– I love music, mostly everything, however I hate Raihana, Usher, lady Gaga, Justin Beiber and all the new generation , I’m more to the 80’s, LOVE hard rock and metal > Metallica, Iron maiden, Queensryche …etc, at the same time, I love Jazz > Nina simon, Dean Martin .. etc

– I love wrestling, blood and action … donn worry i’m not sadistic =b … I always feel good seeing people happy “if they deserve to be ” >>> Fairness is above everything

– i’m just like any girl when it comes to beauty and fashion, LOVE Chiffon, my style is more into formal, more classical, I donn like funky colours>for kids, and of course I LOVE SHOES and Bags … my people always call me the Queen of Shopping, I get interesting things with cheep prices and I donn mind saying the real price !


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