For you …

hey people, MERRY Xmas … 

hope you are having a great time =) 

… well I donn really know why did this exactly came to my mind, the idea is just about the old fashioned manners that I have to make sure that i’m doing and behaving based on with people.. they simply make people respect you more, avoid problems and give a good impression.

1: starting with the basics, it would be nice to say please and thank you >> unfortunately,  lots of people forgot those two words!

2:  Never intentionally embarrassing another, respect the other side so they respect you.

3: avoid asking personal questions.

4: not pointing at someone. 

5: dress appropriately and don’t speak loudly.

6: if it was the first meeting, don’t forget the smile, answer the question with positivity, and respect the boundries.>> be professional.  

7: when it comes to food, keep your mouth closed when chewing, take small bites and eat quietly >> especially if it was a date =| 

8: Laugh,smile, giggle,cry with dignity. Do not make a drama. 

9: Do not be occupied with your phone when with people. Smile and be interested in the surroundings.

10: Never assume anything about anyone.

11: Never touch another person’s things or children unless invited to!

12: finally, to be in the safe side, never talk about money> how much does it cost?, How much do u earn?

basically, just be classy 😉 

… merry Christmas again, dance, drick, do crazy things but make sure you don’t end up in some kinda cells =| 



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