Would You Get a Life, Please .?.

Big Mouths/gossips/talking about everything really irritate me.

it’s one of the reasons i can’t trust people, not even my friends, THEY TALK TOO MUCH between them. they think it’s something okay…why not I’m just telling my friend what I and my friends did last night with all the details. can’t you get it, IT’S NOT COOL!!! it just shows how silly you are, have nothing to talk about but people and your friends and what they are doing! and believe me no one of those who you talk to can trust you unless they are silly, just like you !

I admit it, i lost my respect and trust for most of my friends, the sad thing 2 of them are my apartment mates! I really hate myself when i start talking about my friends and what they are up to “good or bad” I just can’t feel comfortable doing that, I always feel like I’m boring and have nothing to talk about, and i believe that this is the reason why my friends do that, and I really feel sorry for them and for myself for not having a better friends!!! …. won’t deny they are really smart and totally amazing with many things, but this aspect really irritates me, this one side of you does really affect your whole image.

I hope that you “whoever you are” not one of these people, if you are please try to change that side, to gain more respect and trust, and to feel more satisfied and happy with yourself =)




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One response to “Would You Get a Life, Please .?.

  • Selma

    I know exactly what you are saying. There is nothing worse than knowing you are being gossipped about or hearing your friends gossip about other people. I hate it. I have lost a few friends because of it. It’s a shame.

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