The World’s Largest Refugee Camp

I was going through some pictures for the world’s largest refugee camp in Kenya that was initially setup to host the Somalian refugees because of the civil wars back in their area in Somali …

Somali refugees sit on the ground outside a registration and food distribution point in the Dadaab refugee camp, any refugee should have a card from that point to entitle them to receive food rations

A girl stands in line waiting for her turn out side the distribution point

waiting in the line ...

Via Al Jazeera


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One response to “The World’s Largest Refugee Camp

  • cherryblossompiku remind me in somalia… look at they are, many people around suffering for her life. Sometimes i feel bad about it, I stiil cant grateful what i got right now….)”. Yeach, I must thank u what God give me at all.

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